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The state certification and supervision commission has further clarified the inspection and testing institutions Notification of problems related to qualification certification

Quality and technical supervision bureaus of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities (marketing supervision and administration departments) :

          To implement the state council reform and decentralization, combined the pipes, optimize service work requirements, deepen the reform of the examination institutions aptitude administrative licensing system, set up a unified examination qualification authentication system, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and released by state certification and accreditation administration of the examination institutions aptitude management method ", "about implementing < inspection measures for the management of examination organization aptitude > several opinions, on the implementation of the testing institution aptitude matching work procedures and technical requirements > notice, aptitude evaluation criteria for the examination institution, etc. Series of regulatory documents. But in the near future on the supervision and inspection found in some places around with the normative documents required in the execution, but also for the implementation of the national audit office for qualification authentication, the requirements of the relevant regarding the examination institution qualification cognizance work further defined as follows, please around carefully carried out. 

           A, aptitude departments should earnestly implement the administrative licensing system reform requirements, implementation to ease access, allowing leasing equipment and subcontracting, permission to release the dividend policy measures such as non-standard methods, simplify examination and approval procedures, standardize examination and approval process. 

Second, for regulating the examination of product identification tag, reduce the identification tags or inspection to detect lead to the permission of the risk, as of the date of this announcement, inspection testing agency to apply for identification tag detection ability aptitude, if the examination institutions only to inspect the integrity of the product identification tag, the standardization, wrong product physical, detection and identification tag content authenticity test should make this clear limits. Qualification authentication department for the examination submit identification tag aptitude to evaluate the related standards, should review inspection inspection agencies have logo tag authenticity test technical ability. Obtained with limited scope identification tag project qualification authentication institutions, the foreign related inspection test report, issued by shall be indicated in the contract and the examination report id tag inspection results "does not include the truthfulness of the contents of the verification" or similar description. 

          Three, aptitude, when accepts the qualification authentication application, shall not be set preconditions, state quality inspection center, provincial quality inspection institutes, entry-exit inspection and quarantine technology institutions, national judicial authentication institutions may voluntarily apply for laboratories and inspection bodies. The qualification recognition department should strengthen the construction of informatization and promote the construction of "Internet + government affairs service". 

          Four, to facilitate the examination institutions bidding related affairs, department of aptitude according to actual situation for the certificate of inspection issued by the testing agency qualification (see attachment style), a copy of the certificate of qualification is, copies with equal legal effect. Source: cnca


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