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The transportation one-card product certification helps the national public transport interconnection

         mplementation of the state council on strengthening the construction of quality certification system to promote the opinions of the total quality management "(guo fa [2018] no. 3) and the state council on priority to the development of urban public transportation guidance" (guo fa [2012] no. 64), and other documents spirit, standard and orderly advance traffic one cartoon product certification, to recognize the committee and the ministry of transport jointly issued by the "transportation IC card product certification management method" (hereinafter referred to as the "method") and a batch of product catalog.

         Traffic one cartoon product certification system, in order to strengthen the id product market regulation, effectively controls the traffic one cartoon product consistency, service traffic one cartoon interconnectivity work, ensure the safety of the public transport operations improve the people's public transport travel satisfaction. From certification testing agencies, certification of qualification, certificates and the marks management, inter alia, the results of the supervision and administration of certification activities and certification on several aspects, such as traffic one cartoon product certification requirements are put forward.
        So far, more than 210 of l7 cities across the country had been implemented traffic one cartoon connectivity products, of which 190 cities in the urban areas of finished work of all bus lines, distribution, interconnection card more than 1500, covering the beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, the Yangtze river economic belt, and other key areas, realize the public bicycle and bus, subway, taxi, ferry and other multi-media applications, widely welcomed by the masses of the people. The establishment and implementation of the certification system for transport products will provide a strong guarantee for the interconnection and interconnection of transport products and effectively promote the convenience of public transportation.

         And transportation by next, certification and accreditation administration will further strengthen cooperation, common to do a good job of the implementation of the policy, actively provide guidance to further unified thought, build consensus, perfect measures, accelerate the implementation of "method" be born, inter alia, actively encourage industry certification as a result, for the masses to provide more high-quality, more convenient, more efficient transportation services.

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