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Qin yizhi wengzuliang attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech at the signing ceremony of the memorandum of cooperation between the state certification supervision and administration commission and China (Shanghai) pilot free trade zone on promoting the certification, accreditation and i

        On June 20, 2018, the state certification and supervision commission and the China (Shanghai) pilot free trade zone management committee signed the memorandum of cooperation on jointly promoting the certification and accreditation inspection and testing of the pilot free trade zone. State administration of market supervision and management of party members, deputy director, Mr Qin, the Shanghai municipal committee, pudong new area district party committee secretary, China (Shanghai) free trade area management committee director WengZuLiang witness signed and delivered a speech. Committee deputy secretary of state certification and accreditation, danfu liu, deputy director of the pudong new area district party committee standing committee member and deputy prefects, and China (Shanghai) free trade area management committee, deputy director lu ark respectively represents the two sides signed a memorandum of understanding. Huang xiaolu, director of Shanghai bureau of quality and technical supervision attended the signing ceremony.

        Mr Qin said that Shanghai free trade area management committee and the state certification and accreditation committee signed the memorandum of cooperation, is the national administration of market regulation to support free trade area of Shanghai and national kechuang center construction, better play to the service of reform and opening up and the construction of "area" "bridgehead" role. We should summarize the successful experience of promoting Shanghai pilot free trade zone and give full play to the role of certification and accreditation. We should accelerate the development of the quality certification system, optimize the supply system, strengthen the platform support, enhance innovation capacity, deepen international cooperation, and better serve the reform and opening up of pilot free trade zones. We need to enhance two-way synergy, clarify objectives and tasks, solve practical problems, improve institutional safeguards and jointly implement the memorandum of cooperation.

          WengZuLiang said, with cooperation memorandum signed as an opportunity, pudong new area will be more efforts to promote certification and accreditation test measure to speed up the development, focus on building inspection certification testing service highland, highland, inspection certification testing certification testing cooperation innovation highland heights, inspection certification testing industry such as "four high", and provide strong support for strong pudong construction quality area.

          According to the memorandum of cooperation, the state and Shanghai free trade area management committee will establish cooperation mechanism, forge inspection certification testing industry agglomeration area, booster certification testing industry face the international market of "going out", in the aspect of inspection certification testing docking state policies, strengthen element agglomeration and radiation ability, boost Shanghai free trade area and kechuang center construction, further play to Shanghai free trade area country reform and open policy and the construction of "area" "bridgehead".

         During his stay in Shanghai, vice director qin yizhi also met with vice mayor xu kunlin of Shanghai municipal people's government and exchanged views on market supervision and other work. Mr Qin line also visited the pudong new area development and opening theme exhibition, Shanghai free trade area service hall, listen to and free trade area development and construction of Shanghai pudong new area, deepen the reform, system innovation experience is introduced; And on-the-spot investigation to the market supervision bureau and Shanghai pudong new district tensho quality technology services company, China quality certification center, Shanghai branch, Shanghai HuaLing inspection certification testing institutions, such as integrated circuit technology co., LTD, will deepen the reform of the market regulation innovation, and promote the development of inspection certification testing markets open for further research.


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